Monday, September 3, 2007

Thanks & Sept Mingle

It was an extremely busy day today. I had a lot I wanted to make and FINISH, which I did. Last day of the long weekend and very nice weather outside.

I made 2 more Thank you cards, with envies as well as my September Mingle page for my ByHand Group a "This & That Mingle". I choose Chinese Kite Festival. There were so many good themes to choose from, and until today I had no idea what I wanted to do. But I read the list again this morning, and the Kites just jumped out at me. I googled it and saw a lot of beautiful kites. The colors spoke to me. I've put links to each individual page, just click the photo you want more info on. There are lots of detail pics and instructions.

1 comment:

Lindart said...

All Gorgeous!! Love the Kite, and the backgrounds on those thanks you cards are beautiful!