Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pointed Pen

Well Barbara Close came to Calgary. She was supposed to teach a class on Nov 20 & 21st, but there were so many people wanting to take her class that an additional class was added on for the 22nd & 23rd, which is the one I took. All I can say is this was another fabulous class. She had sooo much to teach and share. Her lettering style is just stupendous.

There were 20 students in each class and we each were to do our samples on a certain sized piece of paper (various types like Arches Text Wove, Arches 90lb HP watercolour paper, Fabriano Ingres black or equivalent, etc etc). I added several other papers as well like the black Full Spectrum that Heather recommended, loved it, as well as some value pack black, some 110 white cardstock and 65lb cream and white cardstock as well as some other colours of Ingres paper. Our samples were then gathered together and made into a booklet being held together with a jumbo brad. With all the papers I used my booklet became quite thick. Love what I did with it though.

We were also given a piece of cardstock with outlined 1" square boxes to add a sample of each watercolour technique we learnt. I must admit I didn't do that exercise, but will within the next few days to add to my booklet. I took lots of pics of the other students samplers, so I should have a good idea of what to do and REMEMBER...

Anyway, no pics today since my booklet was taken to be photographed for an upcoming Guild newsletter. Will get it back at our meeting this Thursday, so hopefully I'll have pics uploaded on Friday.

Now to practice some more. Mine is still a bit chunky in comparison to what Barbara does. But as the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect..."

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