Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween ATC's

More on the ATC a Month swap. I have now done a batch ot Halloween themed ATCs. enjoy

I also made a delicious "Vincent Price" cheesecake, which I think is the best cheesecake. I've been making them for about 30 years, but haven't made it in a couple of years, so it was another recipe from memory lane. It is so light, not overpowering like a New York cheesecake. It's also very easy to make. It's more like a souffle cake because it has whipped egg whites folded into the batter and is baked in a bath of water (au bain marie). I guess I've been on a souffle kick, since I've made my mom's souffle twice this month. Finished the last bite yesterday which is why I needed something else sweet in my fridge, but also to take as dessert for my class tomorrow.

OK you can drool...

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