Friday, November 9, 2007

Twinkles H2o's

Some people wanted to know what I used as storage for my Twinkles H2o's and how I used them. I found a clear thin storage box at the dollar store that was perfect (Selectum Plastic File Box #53-424) for $2.75 cdn. Created a swatch page (squares with names under) with my computer, then colored in the squares. It corresponds to the layout in my plastic box. I inserted it into a clear page protector cut down to the desired size and stuck it to the underside of the lid. I keep a piece of waxed paper between my Twinkles jars and the plastic protector (the rims if not completely dry, leave ring marks, so it's an easy way to save on not having to clean my protector page each time). I also keep a couple sheets of paper towel under my jars to absorb excess water from my spritz bottle or little spillovers if my paint isn't quite dry before I close the box as well as preventing the jars from sliding around too much, creates a slight friction. I don't always store my box in the horizontal position, especially when I'm taking it to a class, it's just dumped into my bag...

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