Saturday, November 10, 2007

Xmas card 2007

I finished all 60 of my Xmas cards for 2007. Yahoo!! All I have left to do is put a person's name on the envie. Maybe decorate it a bit too, I'll see how energetic I am. I even timed every step of the procedure so I know down to the second how long it took. Other than the designing and making of the first card as a sample there were 10 stages to completion. Each card took 7-1/4 minutes. This time also included putting away or cleaning my tools between each step. When yo only have to do this once, it saves a humungous amount of time

Here's what I did. step by step

1) Cut my white cardstock (value pack) into quarters
2) Ran these through my cuttlebug with a Dreamweaver stencil (this gave me an indentation type border around my design as well as pronouncing the embossed design prior adding the molding paste)
3) Distressed the embossed image with Ranger's Distress stamp pads (Antique Linen, Vintage Photo & Walnut Ink), alternating the pads, using 2 of the three per card. (this also defined my border for easier trimming)
4) Trimmed leaving a small outside border
5) Used a small rounded corner punch on all corners.
6) Placed stencil back over the dry embossed image and smeared a mix I made from Golden's molding paste & their Gold Metallic Fluid Acrylic and a bit of Lumiere Copper. I then smeared sections with another mix I made using the paste mixed with Luminarte dry Polished Pigment powder "Nutmeg". Sprinkled some glitter and lightly pressed it into the paste with my finger. (found if I didn't do that the glitter would just fall off when the paste dried). I randomly chose either gold, copper or white glitter. Set aside to dry.
7) Cut my black cardstock in half
8) Scored (used my invaluable scor-it board) and then folded each card.
9) Glued my embossed designs to the black cardstock.
10) Rubber stamped and thermal embossed the quote on the inside (from Quietfire Design) using gold pigment ink and white/gold embossing powder.

Front & inside of card

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Lindart said...

Beautiful card Yogi! There will be 60 lucky people out there this year!