Monday, November 5, 2007


A friend on one of my Yahoo groups gave me the link to Zentangles. Since then a few of my friends have been uploading their interpretations. This is mine. It's still a work in prgoress and larger than what a zentangle shoud supposedly be.

I also went on a tangent and did one using every letter of the alphabet. I call it AlphaZangles. I've put a layout of where/what each letter is placed so you get a better idea of what I did. I used some in a script form, some as capitals, some as minuscule, some upside down, all to create my patterns, etc etc.


Lindart said...

Leave it to you to come up with a calligraphic angle to zentangles!! I love it!

KJ McLean said...

Very, very cool!

laserone said...

These look really neat! What is the one with the lines and letters? Does that signify something? (I am having trouble commenting, my appologies if I submitted more than one comment.)