Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Signing Joanne's cast

A friend recently broke her wrist falling on some black ice. No fun. She's too far away for me to sign her cast, plus it's one of these fabric type at the moment. So what better way to sign it, but with a cyber signature...

I've just started the ball rolling, take it from here ladies.
Who has signed so far:
1) Since I can't write in person here's my cyber-scribing... Get well soon Yogi feb 20/08
2) Take good care of yourself Anne A
3) What a pretty shade of yellow, um... heal real quick so you can play again M-B feb 21/08
4) Hope you're knitted back together fast. Beth A
5) Heal Quickly Suzanne
6) Enjoy the detour. Therese
7) My thoughts are with you. Linda T
8) Color matches the furniture, but doesn't look to good on your hand. Hope it's as good as new soon. Sandie R feb 20/08
9) Your thumb is quite colorful, but I'm sure you'd rather have saved those hues for your artwork. Heal!! Donna C
10) Praying for a speedy recovery. ((Hugs)) Wanda
11) Prayers for a speedy recovery Charmaine S
12) Get well soon. Hugs Candy
13) Feel Better! Linda C
14) Wishing you a speedy recovery. Pattio
15) Joanne! greetings from Michigan! Looking forward to seeing some of your one handed creations., Vicky M


Wanda H said...

What a great thing to do for Joanne!!! I'll be joining in.

I have a surprise for you at my blog..

Mary-Beth said...

This is turning out so well!! I hope we get a lot more sigs for her.

okanagan_spirit said...

this is so neat, thanks yogi and all the signees, it's the next best thing to having you here in person.


My prayers for quick healing...but what a beautiful way to sign the cast! Love it :)

Stephanie Haile