Thursday, March 6, 2008

JRR two more spreads

I finished two more spreads in our Journal Round Robin. Anne T's "Friends" which is the one I was scheduled to work in this month, and Lynda's journal "Opposites". I figured since one of the participants was away for the whole of the month, why let the journal stand idle, so I took it to work on too. It will just have a slight diversion in it's travels... Enjoy

PS click on pics to see the whole spreads and descriptions etc.

I am now ready to start the packing for my 4 day class this weekend (well I guess more than the weekend since it continues on Monday and Tuesday). I think I'm going to be zonked. Luckily a friend will be picking me up on Saturday to take me to class, because my knee/leg is still giving me problems. I can basically walk on it, but am now still having problems when I carry anything too heavy. You should see the bag of art supplies I schlepp with me to class. I just can't seem to only take a couple things. You never know what you (I mean me) might need...

Take care till whenever.


Wanda H said...

Wonderful spreads!!!

Anonymous said...
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