Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alcohol Inks

I went to Paper Pastimes yesterday for one of there demos. Colleen from "Stamp it Australia" did some wonderful techniques, and low and behold there was one I hadn't seen before using alcohol inks. A very simple technique that never even crossed my mind. I usually pounce my alcohol tool to get mottled effects which I love. But this time she used the tool to create a streaky background. Amazing that the same colors could give such a different look. I made mine in green tones. I'm going to try a few other color combos later. Her's were also done on glossy cardstock, and I figured if it's done on glossy why not on pearlized. I had just bought some pearl paper and I tried it out. WOW. and the pearl of the paper still came through. I've been busy today so am getting tired...

When you click on the image it will take you to my website where you can see what I did and samples of the other backgrounds. Enjoy. I did.

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Wanda H said...

This is very cool!!! I can't believe I didn't think of either :-))