Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Galleria Piece

My friend sent me an e-mail and had used this quote to describe herself about something. I just new I had to do something with it. I have to admit, this is just soooo not me. I seem to be saying that quite often of late. The image is one from a Byhand Collage swap we had a few years ago from Debbi B's page. A weird scribble face. I manipulated the image and printed it out, then colored it the same colors as the original image. The lettering is something I picked up in Lisa Englebrecht's class last year. I can't believe a year has gone by already. Sheesh. Click on the image to go to my web page.


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darlene aKa HugGeR said...

You made me laugh....what a great piece and the calligraphy is wonderful too!