Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Broadsides

Our Guild's Galleria Theme for April/08 is "A picture with words". I had no idea what to do and was playing with my Ecoline Liquid watercolors (available from Quietfire Design) and removing color with my empty pen. The quote, are my exact feelings about some letters. Almost in every class I take, there are always letters I really don't like. And I'm very verbal about it. Must have been designed by men... I'm not a tradionalist or someone who wants to reproduce lettering exactly the way they did in the olden days or exactly as set out in books. I create my letters to make me happy. I think it's time to make a style all my own with all the letters I really really like. Anyway I digress. This was working out to be my Galleria piece, but then I was rudely awakened... Someone mentioned it needed a picture with the words. So what picture can I put with this - just wasn't going to work. So this piece is just for me.

My second piece will be my Galleria piece. It somehow flowed off my nibs, although I would have rather had the letter "C" in the word "color" a lot bigger. But such is life. I'm using the Ecoline watercolors again and a folded pen. I really like them. Wonderful colors. I also came across a happy accident. My Parallel Pens always need a little cleaning with that sliver piece to get the ink flowing, but this time I noticed what a nice dry brush look it gave me without cleaning first. It was exactly the look I thought would work with my splash of color. I also put a bright red mat on it. Very daring.

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