Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Batch of Necklace Mini Booklets

Well I was busy making a bunch more of these little mini booklet necklaces. It was a perfect day to spend outside, under my umbrella with a gentle breeze just toatlly involved in my own little world. Love when that happens. The postal lady came by and I was so totally absorbed with what I was doing, didn't even realize she was there until she was standing right in front of me.
Finished putting on the beads last night, not toomuch on TV that was worth watching, so I figured might as well finish these little gems. Today, I photographed and uploaded them to my site. Just click on the image to got there and see the rest. I made 8 of them.

Now I have to think about what else I want to make. Need to come up with a couple more designs for our Guild's Fall Show & Sale. But I'm off to my ATC swap meet soon.
SO enjoy

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Zeborah Loray said...

These are really elegant too.
You do such beautiful books!