Thursday, July 24, 2008

CBH Challenge for July 22

Well this weeks CBH Challenge was to create a "Skinny" and use the color Orange. Skinny's are not something I make. I think I've made one once before but have no idea what it was or where it is... Orange is a color I like. I was also wanting to try a background done on aluminum which I saw at a firend's house. Her's (done in Jacqueline Sullivan's" class at Red Deer, was fabulous. Deep rich colors with lots of glow factor. Mine is a far cry below what I saw. But was good for this challenge. WIll try the technique again. It was tooooo good not to try getting what I saw.
Anyway, what do you do with skinny's?? I think I'll put mine as afocal point on a card and then do some calligraphy around it. One day...

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Stempelchaotin said...

Wow wonderful.
Great design.