Thursday, September 18, 2008

Xmas Ornaments

Well I've been really busy. This was a two day project, with all the waiting for things to dry... Our Guild's Show and sale is in Nov and this will be a fund raiser. I've never done this type of stuff before so I thought I'd experiment a bit before we actually had to make them.

I tried various mediums inside the glass ornaments and then various things to decorate them. I'm extremely pleased with the results and it's just a shame you can't get to see them in real life. They have such a wonderful serendipity type of look to them.

I've put them in my Nitty Gritty gallery with all the instructions and products I used, so you can try making them yourself. Enjoy. Just click on image to see the other 5, both the fronts and backs and what it looked like before I decorated the outsides...

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ArtCricket said...

Wow! They are all exquisite. Thanks for the great detailed instructions. I love your calligraphic Peel Offs! I believe I have been the lucky recipient of some.