Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alpha Challenge Jan 12 to 18th - L to R

Another week, another 7 letters. I've never in the past, jotted down things I've seen for future reference, but I'm riding along on the LRT (lower rail transit) and I'm finding myself constantly taking out my pencil and my little pad and doodling the image I've just seen, or taking notes on color scheme or whatever reminds me - that's a letter for the future... Big Grin. I'm having fun. Hope you're enjoying what I see and how I interpret it.
I think a bit of my sense of humor was caught in my "L", hope you're not to squeamish with that worm dangling from the end of the fishing hook...
The "M" is the Eaton's building in front of one of our LRT stations. I'm waiting for the traint o arrive and looking across the street at this building I've looked at soooo many times in the past and all of a sudden I see the "M" which is a window surrounded by beautiful beige stonework.
OK so you get the croquet set for "N". I wonder if I'm winning.
The "O" is a bowl of cheerios (which I don't eat, only Rice Krispies or Special K...). A little on the blause side what with white milk and cream toned cereal, so I put a red rim aorund the bowl.
Love my "P". I don't think I've ever seen anyone in real life wearing a monocle, but it came to me in one of those nights I couldn't sleep.
Now you all know how I loce my morning Mochaccino, so i couldn't resist doing this one with a teaspoon sticking out of the cup for the tail of the Q. I also used composition gold leaf for the rim of the cup, just a little pizzazz.
Now the "R" I was having difficulties with and rather than do a traditional letter R, I really scratched my head trying to come up with something and this satelite dish just popped in there, who knows where that thought came from.
All the letters except P are done with colored pencils, the P is a Zig black marker.

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