Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cochlear - The Birds

Well another day and another sound. I went down to make my morning moccacchino and looked out the window and saw the birds in my lilac tree, patiently waiting for me to serve them breakfast... I don't normally do it on work days unless there's been a snowfall or extremely cold, but on days I'm not working, I'll put food in their feeder. So I made my coffee, cut up some dried bread and loaded up with some bird seed and went outside to put it in their feeder. I have to admit, In past days I thought I was hearing bird sounds, but I couldn't see them so I wasn't sure, thinking it was just some kind of humming chirping noises from my surroundings. But today I was positive it was birds chirping. Boy were they making a racket. Very anxious for their food I would imagine. Probably calling high and low to their friends, saying breakfast is here... since I hadn't fed them in several days.

I think I will really enjoy the spring, summer and fall this year, because I love spending time in my garden, set up with a big table, umbrella, my laptop, and art supplies around me, just doing my thing. After a while the birds are all around me too, and it will be nice to hear them sing.

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