Friday, January 9, 2009

Cochlear - gadgets

Wow I got a bunch of gadgets for my Cochlear. I can plug into the audio of a TV so no external sounds are heard. I was worried I might have the volume up too high for my neighbor... I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore. Got one to use with I-pods and computers and things. Got a microphone for when I go to a restaurant with a bunch of people. I can put this on a glass or something and attach to my hearing aid so I can hear the people around me better. Looking forward to trying this out. Also got a bunch of replacement parts.
Ditched 2 of the programs on my aid and replaced them with a triangulation sound area, so the sounds in the back of me are dimmed and the sound I should hear are more in front and up to my peripheral area, and as I move my triangle of hearing capabilities moves. Interesting. I also have one for when there is sound changes in volume, like watching TV and a commercial comes on a lot louder than the normal program. It will bring the sound down, level to what the normal program was. Apparently it only reacts with sound volume. Will try that out too soon.

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