Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cochlear & a CD recording

Well I went out and bought my first CD album. Even when I wasn't hearing impaired I never bought a CD album, it was still tapes and records BIG GRIN.
Tom Jones - The Millennium Collection. Has some oldies but goodies on it and I remember going to one of his concert when he was in Montreal. Love his sound. Anyway, I've got this ear to ear grin on my face as I'm listening to it. Brings back memories, and I'm singing along here. Sheesh, who'd a thought I would enjoy it so much. I've never been musically oriented. If it was there, great, if it wasn't no big deal. Both my sisters barely can live without music. But now that I'm hearing it again -Green Green Grass of Home, What's New Pussycat, It's not Unusual, Delilah and a bunch of others, I think I'll pick up a few more.

The other thing I noticed today, I'm sitting in the LRT station, waiting for my train to come and I hear the clanging of the train bell and knew the train was coming waaaay before I saw it. Nice

My heating system broke down and I had the repair man in and he noticed these devices in my basement and asked me what they were for. They were sonic gadgets to keep mice out of my home. When I first moved in I had a mouse problem, but that's over 8 years ago and haven't had a problem since getting rid of them. These gadgets worked for 3 years approx, but I've had them a lot longer than that, but just never threw them out. Well he told me he was hearing sound from them. I wonder if there was sound when I first got them or if that's just an indication that they're old. Either way I CAN'T HEAR THAT SOUND... yet. So I guess there will be things I can't hear.

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ArtCricket said...

I'm glad you are continuing to delight in the new sounds you are hearing. Music is a wonderful thing. Enjoy!