Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cochlear & Misc Stuff

I can't believe a week has gone by. Days just disappear. Had the 2 days with Carl Rohrs, then work and a friend coming over the next day, work and a Quilling class the next, then Friday work and finally home, but too tired to do much of anything. Have been doing art all day today that is after I woke up late. BIG GRIN

The Carl Rohrs class was fabulous. It was just such a pleasure to hear EVERYTHING he said and to interact with the rest of the students/friends. I taped what he taught and am able to listen and understand that too. Took pics of the samples on the board so can link up the tape to those pics.
Usually I have finished products by the end of a class, but this time we were more into the experimenting and trying out different letter forming with both the pointed brush and a flat chisel edged brush. I'm familiar with both brushes doing tole art painting and a bit of calligraphy, but Carl definitely showed us all a lot of brand new moves which I've been trying to incorporate into some decorated envelopes I've been doing this week. We also got a wonderful book with about 100 pages full of samples. So I'll be practicing...
When I have two more minutes I'll upload some of the lettering I did.

But I did find time to make some cinnamon raisin danish for Monday's class, then a couple chocolate breads for Tuesday's class. Boy did they go over well - no left overs. I'm glad I cut off the ends before packing them so I had something to fill my sweet tooth when I got home.

And I heard the squeak of the hinges on my kitchen cupboards - not what I wanted to hear (just means I have to fix something I have no time to fix).
Had another ear appointment on Thursday and they did the "sound proof booth" test. I got over 85% correct. I missed 4 out of 55 words, like stump instead of stunt and add instead of at. Needless to say she was very impressed and thrilled. The first time I took the test when I had just the regular hearing aid, I didn't get one word. Just couldn't hear anything. So I can say, it's amazing.

I was talking to a friend who has a friend who just got switched on about a week ago and not a happy person. She doesn't like the noise. Doesn't like the mechanical sounds etc etc. She is at the point where she thinks of wanting to reverse the process. I can't fathom anyone that would want to do that. Yes it was a mechanical sound at the beginning, which has since mellowed out. And with anything that is new or different there are adjustments to be made. the success or failure of the device rests considerably on the ATTITUDE of the person. I went in with no expectations and was just so overwhelmed with the good results. I remember thinking I wasn't going to like all the noise. I had gotten really used to the QUIET of not hearing. But I can honestly say, I don't want to take my hearing aid off at all except when I go to bed. I hope she sticks with it and goes to the scheduled appointments where they put in different programs depending on your individual needs. It's a learning and adjusting curve that is huge at the beginning and then just tapers of. OK enough said.

Oh yeah, I made a delicious split pea soup with Kolbasa. Just had a bowl and am going down for another one.
I think that's all the news for now.

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Roscoe said...

Reading of your results with the implant gives me goosebumps, Yogi. You're an incredible success story! The hospital where I had my 3 joint replacement surgeries has an educational class twice a month for folks about to embark on that little "adventure" and they have a couple of us as "ambassadors" to speak at the class and tell about our experiences and how things have changed for us. The feedback from patients is terrific. Sounds like they could make wonderful use of you telling your story!