Sunday, January 25, 2009

365 Day Alpha Jan 19 to 25th S to Y

Another week, another 7 Alpha squares. Just zipping along here even in frigid temps... Big Grin
Heating is still not fixed. The repair man is now supposed to come at around 1PM and of course the outside temps fell to -25 during the night so the inside temps went to a low of 51 degrees. Not funny.

Anyway on another note - creatively speaking: All were done with colored pencils this week
S - Both the sign and the road have the curve of the S shape.
T - The ribbon around a gift wrapped box
U - Had a few U's in mind but was in a mood for a calligraphic one instead.
V - Saw these lamps while waiting for a C-train and jotted them on my little scrap of paper.
W - Couldn't resist doing a W this way. Those bum cheeks are definitely an endowed w
X - I remember playing with Jacks when I was a kid.
Y - I again had a few ideas for the Y but wanted something a bit more graphic and so divided my paper into the 3 shapes splitting my paper evenly. When I was coloring it in, it just reminded me so much of a Martini glass, but I had already colored in the martini section with the yellows and oranges (not martini colors), so it ended up being a sunrise martini and I added the cherry.


ArtCricket said...

more lovlies! Sorry about your heat. Hope it is up and going soon.
Also, glad you are continuing to enjoy your new hearing!

Mary-Beth said...

Love your 365's Yogi, esp that W!! LOL