Sunday, February 22, 2009

Christine Ahmad's Class

What a fabulous Saturday I had. I took a one day class with Christine Ahmad (this is the second class I've taken with her and was just as enervated as I was the first time). We painted on canvas. Most brought in a brush tote, or apron to decorate. Since I didn't need either item, I just brought in a large piece of canvas (needless to say waaay more than I needed as usual), but now I have plenty to continue playing with. BIG GRIN Plus she had some items that she had made using canvas and it inspired me. I was originally going to make a fabric book, but then I saw these items and said, Yup got a try some of those. One was a colored pencil carry all, and the other was in the shape of a tin can (but with no tin can...) but had a sewn circle on the bottom and the tube length folded down to create a collar which made it quite sturdy and standable. So click on image to see the whole piece and detail images of the high spots. I love the "LifeBlood" portion. Actually I love most of it.