Monday, March 2, 2009

Cochlear & Misc Art Stuff

Well I have 2 classes I've taught under my belt now, and I have to say, I think they went fantastically. It was such a pleasure to hear and interact with the students. Looking forward to the other classes I'll be teaching.

This past Friday I had another hearing test done - this one was sentence recognition and I got 93% on it. Needless to say I did super well BIG GRIN. And probably would have gotten a bit higher score if the person speaking on the test had a better voice. Also as I said one word in a sentence I knew right away I had said the wrong word. C'est la vie.

Now the results of the word and sentence recognition test were very good for the ego, but now they need to come up with a test that has noise in the background, like music, or traffic sounds or lots of conversations and then see what the results of sentence recognition or word recognition is. Would be interesting to see.

It was interesting this morning. I was peeling a red delicious apple, and lately they've been really tasting like sawdust. Not pleasant... But when I was peeling one this morning (my last one) I was hearing the crispness of it. A very interesting sound.

And as far as posting art lateley, haven't done much of that, but that's not saying I haven't been creating. I've been doing a ton of art, but not stuff I can post, since I'm making samples for classes I'm teaching, and a technique journal for a good friend who's birthday it will be in a few days. Thought I'd give her one of my journals where I've already put stuff in it - so she has no fear of continuing to put stuff in it. A new journal with blank pages can really freeze some people. I don't know how many times I've heard, "I've bought this gorgeous journal and still haven't put anything in it..." Anyway I did a Zutter coil book and put it into a hard bound cover decorated with a resist technique paper I made. It's oversized in thickness, so it has lots of room to grow and add lots of samples etc.

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ArtCricket said...

Glad your test went so well and you are continuing to be amazed with sounds!
What were the two classes you taught?