Monday, September 7, 2009

CBH Challenge Stitching

Well I got to try something I've been putting off for a long time. That whole thing of piercing and sewing a patterned design. So I drew a butterfly, pierced the holes and did a cross over pattern, added a bit of quilling and I'm happy. and can you guess what this week's CBH Challenge is??? Stitching.

The other card was something similar I saw in one of my new books "New concepts in Paper Quilling" by Marie Browning. It's an OK book, with a couple good ideas, this being one of them. Instead of using brads on the corners I decided to do a French Knot and voila I have another stitching challenge done. BIG GRIN

Click on either image to see details and descriptions etc.


Deborah March said...

Lovely Yogi. I really like the paper rolled bead you used for the butterfly body!

Kelly said...

gorgeous cards!

Kristen said...

Love your cards, that stitching is beautiful.

Regina said...

Lovely card Yogi!!! I also love stitching!!!:)))