Sunday, September 6, 2009

Punched Flowers

I'm having a blast doing punched flowers. BIG GRIN. I colored a piece of gold parchment paper with Pan Pastels in a blue and magenta, then punched the whole sheet with my Carl mini Sakura punch. I was watching TV while doing this. Then used a piece of fun foam and a large stylus to put the 3D effect on each flower. Got another one of those clear organizers and have started loading my flowers in there. One of these flower cards can take 50 to 100 little florets, so I better have a stack on hand. Anyway, click on image to see details and descriptions etc. Enjoy


Donna said...

This is so beaytiful Yogi and labor intensive too, but it certainly looks worth the effort.Keep up the great work I enjoy your cards sooo much.

Jeanette said...

Hi, Yogi,

I did a card similar to this a while back.
Of course, mine isn't this artistic or beautiful. This is so lovely.


okanagan_spirit said...

Very nice Yogi and you know how much I like lilacs. I don't know if I could sit and puch so many flowers, it seems kinda like string beads for knitting, best done in front of TV or on the porch listening to birds.

ArtCricket2 said...

This is spectacular! I love that punch and STILL don't have one. You have a lot of patience to punch all those and put them all together.
I'd be punching with my feet (which I've had to do before)