Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nov Issue VSN

November issue of Vamp Stamp News was to make a moving card. It's not my favorite type of card to make, but once I got started couldn't stop big grin, so ended up making 3 that I sent in and they are all in this month's issue.

They also all use Quietfire Design rubber stamps.

The gears move on the card to the left. The card to the right has a pop up quote balloon. The card at the bottom has a turning wheel with various words showing through the opening.

Click on any card to see more details and descriptions for that card. Enjoy.


Robyn said...

Ilike the leaf card. love the friend and the window is interesting

Leslie Miller said...

Well, how do you like that! You did get into the swing of things. I can see why they were picked up. They're all excellent examples of cards with movable parts!

Dawn B. said...

Beautiful cards here.. I love the Mo card.. Of course this is one of my favorites.. Great job.