Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aprill 2011 ATCs Oriental

My face to face ATC trading is next week, so I had to snap to it to get these done since I have another 4 day class coming up this weekend. This one with Barbara Close.

Anyway click on ATC at left to see the other 8 that I made. There's a nice variety. Enjoy

I had a little helpful inspiration from 2 of my blogger friends, Wanda at Art by Wanda for the bookplate idea with sequin waste background, she had a word stamped inside the oval. I added the shrink plastic inset instead and mine is a faux bookplate whereas her's were the real deal....

Then I made several Scor-Tape ribbon flowers from Becca at Amazing Grace. Very addictive.BIG GRIN I can't find the post where she wraps it around a thin ruler and then rather than wrapping the taped ribbon around a brush handle, she wrapped it tightly like a rose bud by hand, which is the way I did mine.


Wanda H said...

Yogi, all your atcs are wonderful!!! I was trying to decide on a favorite and I just couldn't do it. You bookplates are way cool made from the clay!!!

Robyn said...

fun flowers love the asian themes.
I like the cranes alot- anything with stardust!