Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WOYWW Aug 24th #116

Another Wednesday, where does the time fly. Sheesh Maybe because I'm so busy and there are never enough hours/minutes in a day to do everything... Anyway this is what's on my desk this Wednesday... (WOYWW) and if you'd like to know what that's all about, just visit Julia Dunnit's blog the Stamping Ground for links to a whole bunch of other desks - big grin.

So here's what's on my desk today. I'm working on samples in a small lettering journal for a couple Fun Lettering classes I'm teaching in the fall.

That white high heel shoe of to the left is a project for the "Altered Shoe Exhibit" in late October, but needs to be ready in a few weeks. There are some white snowflakes with various techniques in the middle upper area of the desk that will be part of this shoe. Have to make a bunch more - ones that will visually stand out from the rest. Will add pearls and rhinestones and stuff. Still formulating the design... I've already covered it with gesso, crystal beads in a glue mixture, and Liquitex Glass beads.

 Have a Christmas card that I need to take pics of and upload that I did yesterday and a new oven thermometer for my polymer clay stuff. My cheapie oven is really wonky...

Now the first pic I took of my studio had part of what's seen below, but thought I'd give you a more detailed view - for those that are interested:

Cards along the ceiling shelf.
Various cleaning supplies - used in crafting too... floor polish, baby powder etc.
Daniel Smith colored gessoes, mis glues, Liquitex Paints, Chalk Board paint, Print makers inks, Huge block of Sculpey.
In the right hand section are various brands of calligraphy inks and paints, Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paints (every color...) There's a chart on the wall to the left of all the colors, so i just look there, then go to the numerical number on the shelf. They're also held in plastic containers so I can remove a whole shelf's worth if I want.
Then there are a bunch of other brands further towards the bottom.
More glues and misc stuff.
The left hand section holds Golden's mediums, gesso and other products they make.
Other brands of gesso especially black... flower stiffener, mod podge, products for marbling, antiquing etc., Sprays, webbing, odorless Mineral solution, behind the door, under the color chart is Mat board I use for framing my artwork, various good quality large paper etc. 
Just in front of all the paints is my scrap mat board bin, and the plastic bags tot he right of that holds all my large art sheets, like watercolor papers, Canson, Strathmore, Fabriano colored art papers and cardstocks. Each bag has an individual type of paper in it, so I can pull them out very easily and slip the remains back in.
So that's it for the tour today. Have a great week and hope to see you next week. Enjoy.


Mary said...

You are a busy girl...and an organized one too. Great crafting area....Have a productive week. I"m sure I'll be checking back later....

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I like the beginnings of the altered shoe exhibit - watch out Christian Louboutin, Yogi's coming atcha!! What could be more perfect, white high heels AND glittery decoration - yum!! x

famfa said...

Wow. How organised. What a lot of lovely things. Super things on the go too.

Di said...

Crumbs - all those craft goodies, lucky you!Super organised as well. Love the sound of the shoe this far - and there's more to do? Can't wait to see the result! Happy WOYWW! Di xx

Spyder said...

Great crafty space you have!! and an altered shoe project!! how fab!
Happy WOYWW!

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the tour! The shoe project sounds fab - don't forget to show us the finished article.