Friday, May 22, 2015

Sneak Peek Stampede & Gelli Plate Tutorial

I'm finally finished my calligraphy pieces for this year's Stampede... They're matted and one is framed. Have to pick up the frame for the 2nd piece later this week.

Real sorry but I can only give you a sneak peek of the pieces since the take in deadline is June 24th.

But there is a calligraphy on Gelli Plate tutorial below. Click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy

I've been doing a lot of playing with my Gellli Plates and demo'ing Callgraphy on them. Under normal circumstances, anything you do on a Gelli plate will give you a reverse image when pulling a print. If you are doing basic lettering, you can just put a reversed image under your Gelli Plate and trace, but if you are doing manipulative calligraphy, that becomes problematic... So I decided to pull a print onto a 2nd Gelli Plate, giving me a reversed image of my calligraphy and then pulling my print. You can see the steps below.
This is another version of my  "water lily pond" color scheme... The colors I used were Ceramcoat "Lime", "Laguna", "Yellow"; Americana "Royal Fuchsia".

After Brayering the paint - not over mixing the colors.

I used a plastic glue applicator, cutting it down to the nib size I wanted approx 3/8"w. Wrote my word "Create", cleaning my applicator after every letter.

Pulling a print using my 2nd Gelli Plate (this gives me a reverse image of my calligraphy)

Then pulling a print onto glossy paper from the 2nd plate. (it will work using any cardstock put I found it gave me the crispest lettering using glossy paper or glossy cardstock.)

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Sylvia said...

Yogi, This tutorial is a wonderful idea. Sylvia D.