Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mini Book - Your Turn #11 Turquoise/Copper

Mini Book - Your Turn #11 Turquoise/Copper. I was requested to make 4 more mini books... and I said YES!!

This is the first one and the customer requested Turquoise. Not easy since it's a very difficult color to match up with the other elements of the booklets. So I ended up having to paint my pages.

When I think of Turquoise, I think of Verdis-Gris and then I have to add copper. BIG GRIN. So it all worked out to my liking. Hope the customer thinks so as well.

Now to work on the other three all greens - so I'm going with various shades of green. Maybe an Olive, a dark green and ??

Click on image to see more details etc. Enjoy

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Leslie Miller said...

The copper is perfect with it! You'll be busy!