Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stampede news

Had an absolutely wonderful day yesterday. Our booth at Stampede was busy in the morning. I did a double shift so was there till 4pm. I had 3 variety of bookmarks. Two using my new Color Splitz Pen set in funky lettering. I had made a few of rubber stamps (a cowboy hat for the guys and a butterfly for the girls and/or a star), and added ribbon fibers. So it really looked nice. The third was done with my Guoache and Gold Powder sprinkled on top. I had added a couple drops of Dove Blender in each well, so hopefully when the calligraphy dried it was more permanent.

Today is my ATC group swap night. Have lots to trade. Looking forward to seeing what others did with their A-Muse stamps. Am off to do some shopping using my Michael's coupon and pick up my photos from Wal'mart and maybe have some Sushi..

Diane G asked how I did a background of her envelope. will post a pic of it later with an explanation.
Till later, have a great day.

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