Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yogi's Decorated Envelope Exchange

Hi all
I tried getting on a decorated envelope exchange and was told I was too late. Sheesh. So I asked to put my name down for next year's list. Then I got to thinking - WHY WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR???So I've decided to put out a call for anyone wanting to join me in a Decorative Envelope Exchange.

You will be expected to create and mail 1 envelope per month for 12 months.

The due date for mailing the first one will be the last day of Dec 2007 so it arrives at its destination in January of 2008.

The last mailing for this exchange will be the last day of Nov 2008 to arrive in December 2008 to close the year.

Decorate your envelope (the largest dimension for an entry is 7" (width or height) except for #10 business envelopes, which are permitted), using any "hand created" artistic techniques you like (not computer generated). It does not have to be calligraphic but is appreciated if it is. Try to incorporate beautiful postage stamps to make the artwork even more pleasing.

Ensure sufficient postage for odd sized envelopes.Put your return address on the back of the envelope. Images may be posted of the envelope, with the persons address on front distorted or removed.

Include in the envelope a description of the techniques and or supplies used to create your envelope, and mail to the person on a MASTER LIST I will generate.

Real easy and not a big commitment.

Closing date for joining is Nov 30, 2007

Please enter a message in the comments to let me know if you would like to join. I will send you a confirmation e-mail to say i rec'd your request.

I hope we get lots of people from far away places. I would love to get beautiful cancelled postage stamps from foreign countries.

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