Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wendy's Class

Last weekend I had a wonderful calligraphy class called Weight & Texture with Wendy Diedrick. I don't usually do long poems in calligraphy. That's because by the time I get to the end, my writing has deteriorated, so I keep my stuff shorter... But we had to do a longer item for this class so we could see the differences between the one style of lettering and the other accent type lettering, be it whether we chose a different sized nib, or used the same nib with a different hand or whether we did variations of the same hand with the same nib, whatever. I chose to use two different hands and two different size nibs. I started out with Arches Text wove and did a Pan Pastel background... not easy with Text Wove, since it has a fuzzy texture to it and doesn't allow the pastel to glide along it's surface. But it worked out in the end. Click on the detail image to see my web page and larger images. etc.

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