Thursday, November 24, 2011

BVCG Mini Journal

Well I think I can speak for most of the Guild members, last nights enrichment meeting was a huge success. Kirsten & Greta led us through making a mini journal with techniques that can be used on all kinds of projects.

Including the instructions, we had an hour to create these little booklets. This is what mine turned out like - and still needs more work - BIG GRIN.

We all started out with a piece of our Guilds practice paper (11" x 17") and told to write a word with letters reaching to the edges of the page either in pencil or marker if you wanted... Since I'm a little bold - ROFL - I went for the bullet tip marker of my Zig Writer and wrote the word JOYFUL.

Then we were told to make 3 rectangles and fill with letters or words etc.. Then add color. So I used my Daniel Smith watercolors in yellow and red for the text block on the left. I did the bold coloring in the bottom text block with Pentel Color Brush in yellow and red leaving a white border around the black lines. BOLD... I then started filling some of the original letters with colored pencil or more watercolors. Finally I started doodling with a black gel pen, and then touched here and there with a gold gel pen. Glued on the little mini square frame.

There is so much more that can be done on this piece, but I have to admit, it will not probably get done...

The paper was then folded in half - landscape mode.
Opened up and folded in half - portrait mode. And each piece folded in half again.  Then with the paper folded in half in the portrait mode, we cut along the fold made in the landscape mode from the folded edge to the next fold line. (you can see the cut in the full sheet image above)

We opened it up again, folded along the landscape fold, pushed the center folds out to become mountain folds, and the first and third fold to become valley folds and that created the pages of the booklet. Note when you're looking from an aerial view down on the landscape fold and the middle fold is pushed out, it will look like an open square.

Page 1 & 2

Page 3 & 4
Page 5 & 6


Shirley said...

How interesting and fun how you did the letter 'piecing'. Very cool the way it folds for the journal too!

Shirley said...

Forgot to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! :-)