Thursday, November 27, 2014

Copperplate class with Renate Nov 2014 weekend I took a 2 day Copperplate workshop taught by Renate Worthington, one of our Guild members. I LOVE Copperplate and taught myself using various exemplars I've come across and then using Joe Vitolo's free video lessons on my iPad. And with Renate's class I picked up a few more tips on making life easier... I really need to PRACTICE - Big Grin.

Here are a few samples from the class. Click on any image to see more samples and some descriptions etc. Enjoy.


Beth Akins said...

Looks fantastic!

Leslie Miller said...

Very cool! I'll look forward to seeing more when you're ready.

Therese said...


Are you digitizing your calligraphy to be used in your projects later on?? It would be good to have a few greetings for sure!!
Ever considered selling digital images? That "merry xmas" you penned looks really awesome!!