Sunday, October 29, 2023

Circle - 6 Trefoil & Circle Weave - Colored

After playing with some of the Celtic patterns from our last handout out Adrienne so generously sent us, I was in a mood to combine it with something else... and boy did this thing take a while. I was having so many problems getting my knots to work in the circle on one that only had 1/4" line spacing. I finally gave up and increased the line space to 1/2". And of course the template I made for my trefoil was a little skewed... I have since created a better template... but c'est la vie. I like the way it turned out so much I created one that's only 4.25"dia which I'll upload tomorrow...

On misc Calligraphy paper using a Sakura Koi watercolor brush pens. white Prisma colored pencil, graphite, Juice Up and Zig marker.

That yellowish color is more a limey green. The outer layer was a darker green I didn't like so went over it with a white colored pencil.

I really like the inner circle weave, weaving thru the knots accented with the graphite shading.

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