Friday, November 17, 2023

Black Edition On Grey - YES

I recently purchased the 100 set Faber-Castell Black Edition colored pencils specifically created for black paper from Kensington Art Supply here in Calgary. They really are great. Creamy.

Size: 3"w x 7"h

I created this on Rhodio Pascribe's Grey calligraphy paper. I forgot I had it... but was looking for something else and said yes to trying with the Black Edition. They work beautifully on that paper. Not so much my Sharpie pen... it bled through to the next page - sigh! The lettering glows in real  life - not so much in the image.

As mentioned a Sharpie fine point tip for all the black stuff and a Uniball Signo white gel point for the highlights.

And I just noticed the Sharpie has 2 ends fine & ultra fine... go figure I never realized that. ROFL.

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Leslie Miller said...

This pencil coloring certainly does look smooth. The blending is beautiful. You made me pull out one of my Sharpies to see if it has two ends. It's an ultra-fine point, but only one end, sigh.