Friday, January 19, 2024

WK3 - WOOF - Marcus Aurelius

Size: 6.25"w x 6"h
Using geli printed paper done on Columbia Mills LBS end paper mounted to a black cardstock.
I took a ZOOM class by Risa Gettler "Convergence of Cultures" thru the BVCG and loved the funkiness of the lettering. So decided to play... Used a ZIG Writer for the lettering. See the full text on their strips below.

Quote: Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all tings with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass. Marcus Aurelius 


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Leslie Miller said...

Marcus Aurelius, the emperor? These words from so long ago are blowing my mind. I like the weave. I have a card base I made with a weave like this when I was trying to use up some patterned paper. One of these days it will be a finished card. I have too many starts and not enough finishes.