Monday, March 25, 2024

BVCG Play Day - Mar 16/24

Since I didn't have any direction I wanted to go in... I just wrote and doodled what crossed my mind... Since I had brought one of my glass pens with me I started with that.

Except for the alphabet piece done on Bee Super Deluxe paper, the rest were done on our Genoa Bond practice paper.

As written testing my glass pen using Sumi ink and then using gouache. Since I'm notorious for spell or leaving letters out... this was no different. Forgot the "u" in gouache so added it under the handle of the "a" and repeated with the "h" to make it like it all belonged...
Then was doodling the bottom area and testing another nib and then felt like writing the word "Happiness"

Black ZIG calligraphy 3.0 pen

continuing with the Black ZIG calligraphy 3.0 pen

Then I started with that curvy line, creating it on each turn of the paper. I love the look of this. Put initials in them and some colored pencil. 

Then I was playing with gouache trying to get the effect that Loredana Zega does - nope didn't work but still had paint on my brush so created the linear design. Then wrote the funky alphabet and the text below... and of course another mistake... yourself should be one word but put the "e" after the "r" instead of the "s"... so created a little doodle... Ha Ha

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Leslie Miller said...

I love how you play, Yogi. Two things stand out, the first being the "y" with your name. I like that! The second is the way you corrected your on "yourself". One would never know. Clever!