Tuesday, March 19, 2024

CCG - Carrie Imai - Akim Cursive

This was from a 1.5 hour ZOOM class hosted by the Colorado Calligraphy Guild on March 13, 2024. I wasn't able to attend so watched the replay.
After practicing the basic letterforms Carrie had us do a few pieces with multiple words.
I used a glass pen for the 1st 2 and for the bottom 2 a Speedball C-2 nib all with Ecoline ink.
On the 3rd words, I added a shadow line with a Juice Up pen and on the bottom image graphite shading and paper stump. I like the bottom one...

I liked the top one so played with it - see below for details.

Artistic Endeavors
size: 6"w x 1.75"h
On Canson mixed Media paper wrote out the words using the glass pens and 3 colors of Ecoline ink (Sky Blue - Cyan, Magenta and Deep Yellow) allowing the ink to merge with the previous color.
Below you can see one of the word pieces and then working my way down to full black background using a Zig Writer.

Pic 1) Original
Pic 2) Outlined
Pic 3) Partial black background (not sure if I wanted to stop here...
Pic 4) finished piece

I kinda like all 4 variations. I guess it's my mood that will choose each time I look at this pic...

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Leslie Miller said...

I don't know what it is about art supplies and colors that have made me sigh, swoon, catch my breath, whatever since my earliest memories. Those inks and pens, and your creations... that's what I'm talking about!