Friday, September 20, 2019

Shadow Layer for a die cut

There have been some misconceptions on how I create my shadow layer for "An A Way With Words" die cuts. So I thought I'd try to clarify how I do them.

You'll notice I have 3 die images. A: is the easiest to create a shadow layer. B: is a bit more tedious but at least has some open inner areas and C: takes more finesse... BUT all are doable.

The instructions use the die cut contour right side up which means at the end you'll need to erase your pencil lines. Sometimes I forget which way I do them but usually I work on the wrong side of the die cut contour so I don't have to erase my pencil lines. BIG GRIN

I tape down my die so it doesn't move, then slide my X-acto blade along the metal edge. Really easy if you have a very sharp blade. When I get to where there is tape, I'll hold my die and move the tape to a new location and continue cutting.

I'll use all the tools in my arsenal - like hole punches to get to some of the really small areas.

I hope this clarifies what I do. I hope to make a video of this technique in the near future.

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Leslie Miller said...

Hey, I could do this! I have to limit my use of a craft knife these days, though. It kills my index finger.