Saturday, April 27, 2024

Celtic Key Patterns - Z - Zees

We had our Celtic ZOOM meeting a couple days ago and some of the gals had done a "Z/T" pattern and then Adrienne created one on Procreate... and I thought I'd do anotherone as well. Mine is different in that it is 2 interlocking "Z's", so I guess it's kind of a Celtic Knotwork pattern as well....

I used the same template as yesterday's post from some cardstock and then just twisted and turned it to create the design.
size: 3.5"h x 5"w
On Fabriano Mixed Media paper using a Signo Black gel pen. Painted using Finetec Rose Gold (given to me by a good friend) and Gansi Tambi "Light Gold #905"

The word is one of the Art Nouveau lettering styles from my recent class with Violet Smythe.

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