Friday, April 26, 2024

Celtic Key Patterns - Z - Shades of Brown

We had our Celtic ZOOM meeting a couple days ago and some of the gals had done a "Z/T" pattern and then Adrienne created one on Procreate... and I thought I'd do one as well Mine is different in that it is 2 interlocking "Z's", so I guess it's kind of a Celtic Knotwork pattern as well....

Again I created a template of the letter from some cardstock and then just twisted and turned it to create the design.

size: 5"sq
On Canson Pro Marker paper using my cut out template created the design using a Zig Writer, then I thought some of the lines would work as a knot pattern  and then I was in a mood to add spaces between my pattern... You know how these things evolve...
Colored the negative spaces with Posca colored pencils in... shades of brown... and then decided to doodle inside some of the letters using brown Juice Up pen and a Unibal Signo Gold gel pen. Lettering for the words is something I came across on

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