Thursday, April 25, 2024

Pull Out Booklet - Ponderings

I was showing some of my friends how to make this booklet at our last Drop In session and I decided to make mine larger...

size: 5.75"h x 5"w (incl Heart) 2/5"thk
(opens to 23"w)
Since I took a class in Art Nouveau lettering with Violet Smythe I thought I'd use that hand for this booklet (you'll probably see me doing this hand a lot...). Bleed Proof white and pointed pen with a Nikko G nib.

I used various colors of Recollection cardstock. The cover is made from 2 pieces of very very heavy white cardstock and I added a piece of gelli print for the spine area.

P1: An Irishman walks into a bar in Toronto and orders  a drink. The bartender noticing his accent asks "what brings you to Canada?" The Irishman says "well, I was in a pub in Dublin and the coaster under my glass said drink Canada Dry" so I thought I'd give it a shot".

P2: You know you're getting old when a recliner and a hearting pad is your idea of a hot date. 

P3: Are you sweating whilst putting petrol in your car, feeling sick when paying for it, you have got the carownervirus.

P4: Why is it after I push 1 for English I still can't understand the person on the other end.

P5: As I fold my 3rd load of laundry I contemplate becoming a nudist. Then I remember what I looked like naked, and keep folding.   


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