Sunday, May 5, 2024

Celtic Key Pattern - C - Coffe

Size: 4.5"w x 5"h
On Canson Pro Layout paper drew out my 1st pattern then copied it multiple times...

Colored the background with a dark brown Koi watercolor brush pen. The cream colored letters with Prisma colored pencil. It almost looks like the dark brown section says "cup"... but it's really just in-between 4 "C's"

Text with a Faber Castell Pitt calligraphy brown broad edge pen pen and the corner of the pen for the rest of the text.

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Leslie Miller said...

These patterns you make draw me in to try and figure them out before I read your notes. Of course, I can never figure it out on my own, and when I read how it's created I have to figure some more. Fascinating!