Monday, May 6, 2024

Slip Knot Booklet - Creative Ponderosities

A good friend sent me another batch of interesting questions...
Size closed: 5.25"w x 6"h x .5"thk

I have since altered the technique of the basic Slip Knot Binding by binding from the back page to the center page and from the front page to to the center, then tying the ends together. Much neater.
I used a cream toned Value Pack cardstock. Turquoise 4ply waxed linen Irish thread.
For the decorative part of the pages and front title I used a hand carved notebook rubber stamp and various combos of Distress pads misted with water on Genoa Bond calligraphy paper.
I LOVE this stamp I carved... it's approx 4"w x 6"h with 1/2"h row height.

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Leslie Miller said...

OMGosh, I bookmarked this because the ponderosities had me laughing out loud! It was the warm and colorful backgrounds that caught my eye, but then I took the time to read and I'm so glad I did. Thanks, Yogi!