Saturday, May 11, 2024

Scribbled Lives 2024 - Wk 19 - Brush Play - Pentel Brush Color Chart

I spied one of my color brush pens in my stash... and then went searching for the rest of them...

Since I was in a quandary of what to use/do for this week's challenge I went with creating a sampler. I notice I had put a sticker on one of them from 2015, and that was for the refill. Yup - I've had these pens for a loooong time and they still work. WOW. 

As per my database of art supplies, I started buying them in 2006 and I seem to be missing 7 colors from this chart... I'll have to search for them. I'm missing purple, yellow orange, pale orange, green, blue, steel blue, brown,

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Leslie Miller said...

Look at all those pretty colors in your beautiful script. I love being in my craft room even when I'm just organizing or dreaming. It's my refuge.